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Upside-down Compositions – pixivision

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 at 3:11 am | Image

When you see a picture with a person upside-down, reality might be broken somehow. Maybe the room is constructed upside-down. Maybe a character isn’t falling downwards for some reason. It’s probably just a reflection anyway. I unsubscribed from dozens of my RSS feeds until I could clear my 2,500-item RSS backlog. One of the survivors is pixivision, formerly pixiv Spotlight.

Illustrations where characters are upside-down or where the background is inverted are called upside-down compositions. There’s no doubt about the fact that you’re gonna be curious about these extraordinary compositions, and will wonder “what exactly is portrayed here?”. These compositions have a light, carefree feeling to them, and will make you want to float along with the characters in them.

This time we collected a number of upside-down compositions, that will make your head turn (or you can just flip your smartphone or PC screen!). Enjoy!

Yes, I'm spelling pixiv with a lowercase P now. And just like last time I posted a pixivision article (then called pixiv Spotlight), I'm presenting this image the way it appears in my RSS feed, or at least how it used to before the format changed a little bit. I have no idea what this illustration's title translates to. Click this image to go to the pixivision post.
DSmile – かがやーくきぼーーがーこのまーちーをー

Source: Upside-down Compositions via pixivision’s English RSS feed

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