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Girls and Space!! – pixiv Spotlight

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 at 1:20 am | Image

These girls should be very dead. If I could survive without heat, air, atmospheric pressure, and radiation protection, then I’d wish I could float around in space too. Maybe they can do it because it’s cool, or maybe they’re robots? pixiv Spotlight posts twice a day in English, and this one’s about girls in space.

In a far off place not yet known to us… the cosmos!! Humans have long before wanted to travel through the universe… a very romantic idea! Ever looked up at the sky and just wondered about the Milky Way? Today’s Spotlight is about the fantastically magical cosmos… with girls! Mysterious and awesome, all at the same time. Check them out.

I wondered how I should reblog a pixiv Spotlight. For now, I'll copy the behavior of pixiv Spotlight's RSS feed, with one image that you can click to get to their full post. I hope this is OK. I mean, technically I should be spelling pixiv with a lowercase p and Nanahime as NaNa_HI_ME.
NaNa_HI_ME – Yume no Hoshi

Source: Girls and Space!! and ななひめ – ゆめのほし via pixiv Spotlight‘s English RSS feed

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