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Bill Wurtz – history of the entire world, i guess

Thursday, May 11th, 2017 at 11:50 pm | Video

Bill Wurtz followed up on his history of japan video with history of the entire world, i guess. It concisely covers the formation of the universe, the beginnings of life on Earth, and all of human civilization in a wonderful 20 minute acid trip.

So, um, I left the title of the video in all lowercase. Should I stop correcting names and titles to standard English capitalization? I might go undo all the capitalization changes I made, like the capital P I was using for “pixiv“. My username used to be a case-insensitive “hitstun”, like the fighting game term, but I tend to use “Hitstun” more now. I’ll do this when I’m not three weeks behind on Feedly I mean feedly.

Source: Bill Wurtz via Todd

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