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Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 at 8:00 pm

This page is mostly copied-and-pasted from the old site. I have a lot of work to do here…

Projects for Ludum Dare 23, Ludum Dare 25, Ludum Dare 28, and VOGJam 1

Work in games
The Adventures of Thong Girl Available now for Windows and Mac OS X
Marvel vs Capcom 2 Random team generator with RadicalEdward101
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 Trick attack levels, including
Hit-SkateHell and Hit-RemixOfDoom
Glitch demos, with the first merge
Tony Hawk’s Underground OLd Videos is mostly this game
Goal attack levels, including
Hit-Powerline, Hit-FinalBattle,
TICC 2nd place Hit-DeVry Cols., and
TICC2 2nd place Hit-LeeneSquare,
Team projects PR-CAP #1,
OLd Project #2, and Aztec Jungle
Racetracks, with the first ever made
Tricks, including the Judo McTwist
Finished but unplayed: URC (Underground
Race Career) with Doomgon
Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Rail Rated entry level, Hit-4×4 Terrain
TI-83 graphing calculator TI-83 BASIC games as PsychoMage
Active online communities
hitstun Friday nights
hitstun Cross-posting!
hitstun#5475 Idle/voice chat
hitstun#1731 Oh no, it begins

Not so active online communities

hitstun Since 2004
hitstun Hitbox now
Hitstun VOG server
The Laughing Dog | economy
Enemy Territory (freeware)
Hitstun Engineer
Tetris Friends (browser game)
hitstun 100%/Platinum
Shoryuken forums
hitstun Columbus thread
VOG Network and IRC
hitstun I work Sundays
Playstation Network
hitstun at
PS3 and PSP
hitstun at
Various instant message protocols
AIM, , MSN, ,
Voicemail (Google Voice)

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