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Neon FM

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at 4:00 am | Game | Video

Tokyo Attack came to Matsuricon again and introduced me to Neon FM, a button-drumming music game with some neat features. If you fail a song, the game drops the difficulty level a little and lets you keep playing. The arcade, iOS, and Android versions all work about the same and even support online multiplayer matches between them. I want to try that sometime but the closest arcade with Neon FM is in the developer’s home town of Baltimore.

I thought Orange Lounge Radio had an interview with the developer, but the wiki had no mention of it. Maybe I've got it mixed up with the Kyle Ward interview in episode 596 where he talks about ReRave's arcade and mobile versions. I'm confused.

Source: Neon FM via Orange Lounge Radio episode 524 which I had to look up again on the OLR Wiki

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