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Thursday, September 7th, 2017 at 2:34 am | Audio

Pandora is still the best at finding music that is musically similar to other tracks you like. With a little patience and a little luck, it’s possible to train Pandora to hit all the right notes. I listen to a lot of different music so I have a list of stations for whatever I feel like at the moment.

Metal Mash-Up – updated off and on since 2005 with all the kinds of metal I like
Expert Mode – prog rock and guitar solos that would be difficult in Guitar Hero
Fun – a catch-all for punk rock, nerd rock, electropop, and much more
Electronic Skill – hard EDM and industrial you’d hear in frag videos
Chippy Jamschiptunes, game soundtracks, and other tracker-sounding music
Sequencer Beats – DJ grooves and hip hop instrumentals for chillin’ and Marvel
Lyrical Hip Hop – only real MCs and classics, no repetitive radio-friendly rap here
Wheel of Pandora – randomly plays any genre on Pandora; use in shuffles!
Hitstun’s QuickMix (autoplay) – all of the stations above shuffled together

I'm aware I've got a couple stations reversed in the bottom row. You know, I almost didn't put an image in this post, but it would have looked way out of place for a post to not have a featured image. My one extension that grabs YouTube video thumbnails probably would have put that Quake 3 video's preview image in there, but this post isn't about Quake 3.

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