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Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at 8:08 pm | Image

Feedly is where I spend most of my time on the Internet. It’s the window through which I organize and read posts from dozens of other sites in one long page, and you should use it too. If you frequently read a news site or blog by visiting their front page every time, you’re probably doing it wrong. Read the rest of this post for links to some RSS feeds I recommend and links to subscribe to them in Feedly or your favorite RSS reader. You’ll be hooked.

Yes, I really have 1,889 unread articles, some dating back to 26 days ago. The biggest backlogs are RockPaperShotgun (269), my YouTube subscriptions feed (261), UsVsTh3m (208), and DarkSakura's blog It's All Around You (160). They're all not accessible at my work so I can't catch up on them there.

I don’t want to spam up the main feed with a lot of links, so you’ll have to click through to the real post this time.

Here are some RSS feeds to get you started. Click the links open the feeds in Feedly so you can follow the feeds there. For those of you with other RSS readers, click the (RSS) after the feed’s name to get its RSS feed. Here we go:

House of Hitstun (RSS) | stuff from the Internet
Bakamo Studios (RSS) | my game company
RT (RSS) | world and US news from Russia
WBNS 10TV (RSS) | manageable amount of Columbus news
ESPN (RSS) | sportsball headlines
Consumerist (RSS) | Consumer Reports news, tips, and complaints
Shoryuken (RSS) | fighting game community news and videos (RSS) | bargains from the Internet
Wired Science (RSS) | Wired Space Photo of the Day and more
Noirlac Sourced (RSS) | nice old video game backgrounds
xkcd (RSS) | snarky stick figure webcomic
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (RSS) | high quality serial webcomic
Sinfest (RSS) | open-minded webcomic I posted about
Did You Know Gaming (RSS) | video game trivia I posted about
Botchamania videos (RSS) | pro wrestling outtakes I posted about
Classic Game Room videos (RSS) | retro gamer reviews all video games
TASVideos Top Rated Movies (RSS) | best new tool assisted superplays
Building Feedly (RSS) | updates to Feedly service

Source: a screenshot of today’s Wired Space Photo of the Day from NASA’s Curiousity Mars rover’s Mastcam on my Feedly home page in Pale Moon

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