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Two-Factor Authentication

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 at 2:00 am | Image

Equifax just leaked our personal information to hackers! That’s really bad! It’s enough information that an identity thief could steal your cell phone service and start receiving text messages intended for you. It’s time to beef up security with an authenticator app. Most important Internet services allow you to generate codes with your phone that you enter when you log in. I use Authy for this because it backs up and restores all your two-factor tokens when switching phones or doing factory resets.

Since my phone was in the shot, I had to take this photo with my 3DS. That's why you can't read any of the text.

Source: Authy via Twitch, photo with my New 3DS

My Pandora Radio Stations

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 at 2:34 am | Audio

Pandora is still the best at finding music that is musically similar to other tracks you like. With a little patience and a little luck, it’s possible to train Pandora to hit all the right notes. I listen to a lot of different music so I have a list of stations for whatever I feel like at the moment.

Metal Mash-Up – updated off and on since 2005 with all the kinds of metal I like
Expert Mode – prog rock and guitar solos that would be difficult in Guitar Hero
Fun – a catch-all for punk rock, nerd rock, electropop, and much more
Electronic Skill – hard EDM and industrial you’d hear in frag videos
Chippy Jamschiptunes, game soundtracks, and other tracker-sounding music
Sequencer Beats – DJ grooves and hip hop instrumentals for chillin’ and Marvel
Lyrical Hip Hop – only real MCs and classics, no repetitive radio-friendly rap here
Wheel of Pandora – randomly plays any genre on Pandora; use in shuffles!
Hitstun’s QuickMix (autoplay) – all of the stations above shuffled together

I'm aware I've got a couple stations reversed in the bottom row. You know, I almost didn't put an image in this post, but it would have looked way out of place for a post to not have a featured image. My one extension that grabs YouTube video thumbnails probably would have put that Quake 3 video's preview image in there, but this post isn't about Quake 3.

Source: Pandora Radio

Neon FM

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at 4:00 am | Game | Video

Tokyo Attack came to Matsuricon again and introduced me to Neon FM, a button-drumming music game with some neat features. If you fail a song, the game drops the difficulty level a little and lets you keep playing. The arcade, iOS, and Android versions all work about the same and even support online multiplayer matches between them. I want to try that sometime but the closest arcade with Neon FM is in the developer’s home town of Baltimore.

I thought Orange Lounge Radio had an interview with the developer, but the wiki had no mention of it. Maybe I've got it mixed up with the Kyle Ward interview in episode 596 where he talks about ReRave's arcade and mobile versions. I'm confused.

Source: Neon FM via Orange Lounge Radio episode 524 which I had to look up again on the OLR Wiki

Adam Ruins Everything

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 at 2:15 pm | Video

I love it when people quickly drop knowledge and debunk misconceptions with proper research, and we need it now more than ever. Here is Adam Conover, a comedian who can appear in any unfair situation and demolish it with cold hard facts whether you like it or not. This show started as a CollegeHumor series before getting a remake on Court TV or something.

Source: CollegeHumor via Jiko via Reddit?

Edit: CollegeHumor has better YouTube clips than truTV

Upside-down Compositions – pixivision

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 at 3:11 am | Image

When you see a picture with a person upside-down, reality might be broken somehow. Maybe the room is constructed upside-down. Maybe a character isn’t falling downwards for some reason. It’s probably just a reflection anyway. I unsubscribed from dozens of my RSS feeds until I could clear my 2,500-item RSS backlog. One of the survivors is pixivision, formerly pixiv Spotlight.

Illustrations where characters are upside-down or where the background is inverted are called upside-down compositions. There’s no doubt about the fact that you’re gonna be curious about these extraordinary compositions, and will wonder “what exactly is portrayed here?”. These compositions have a light, carefree feeling to them, and will make you want to float along with the characters in them.

This time we collected a number of upside-down compositions, that will make your head turn (or you can just flip your smartphone or PC screen!). Enjoy!

Yes, I'm spelling pixiv with a lowercase P now. And just like last time I posted a pixivision article (then called pixiv Spotlight), I'm presenting this image the way it appears in my RSS feed, or at least how it used to before the format changed a little bit. I have no idea what this illustration's title translates to. Click this image to go to the pixivision post.
DSmile – かがやーくきぼーーがーこのまーちーをー

Source: Upside-down Compositions via pixivision’s English RSS feed