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Monday, August 16th, 2021 at 2:28 am | Image

Hi, all! I’ve been away adapting to my new life as a dad. Reddit and its great RSS feeds have been helping me keep up with eclectic music fans, retro gamers, the FGC, CAP makers, dreamers, explainers, and otaku. Still, those don’t scratch my itch for a feeling of floating, so I made my own subreddit for that!

At Floating Is Fun, we play around with things that float in the air, real or fantasy, and it doesn’t take much work for me. If prolonged loss of contact with the floor sounds like a good time, come on in and give us a push!

Source: r/FloatingIsFun on Old Reddit; screenshot contains content by Thomas Pesquet, chanomach, momokan315, Chris Fay, OK Go, Foo Midori, and Maki’s Atelier

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