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  1. The Twitch Streaming Experience

    For April Fools’ Day, I brought my weekly stream back to Twitch and did annoying things popular Twitch streamers do a lot. I played a mainstream game online, I had a webcam which covered up my money and ammo counts, I had a lot of useless crap taking up space on the screen, and I […]

  2. Stream

    I stream video games on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and random other places at random times, but typically late Tuesday night. I’ve been streaming weekly since 2009. In 2021, I’m trying to experiment and work out a better format. I have a huge backlog of unbeaten games, so I use this stream to attack them one […]

  3. Where’d Hitstun Go?

    I’m OK! I’m mostly on Kbin and Lemmy and a little Mastodon and Discord. They’re like if Reddit or Twitter were general Internet services like email and not getting ruined by a dumb CEO. I don’t use other platforms much unless I’m checking on someone who only uses one platform. Today is my birthday and […]

  4. Bill Wurtz – i’m a huge gamer most of the time

    Oh cool, Bill Wurtz just popped up in my YouTube feed! Time for me to step away from my subreddit about floaty things for a minute and post this to my old social media places! I’ve been a huge gamer my whole life. Though recent changes have taken priority over games, I still play Wordle, […]

  5. Jet Set Radio Live

    20 years ago, Jet Set Radio had us jamming to hyperactive DJ mixes as we fight the establishment and avoid getting beat up by police. The world really needs more right now, but with only one official sequel, new fans are carrying on the legacy. Jet Set Radio Live streams several Jet Set Radio-inspired radio […]