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Yatsude – Country of a Thousand Nights and Ten Billion Mornings

Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 10:10 pm | Image

That’s my best guess on the translation of the actual title “Sen no Yoru to Hyaku Oku no Asa no Kuni”. Anyway, this is my new desktop wallpaper, and it really is shockingly good. It’s the kind of fantasy town I want to live in, but it’s almost realistic, too. I highly recommend logging into pixiv to see this in its full 1800×750 glory. I’ve been mildly addicted to pixiv lately, and I plan to post plenty more of this stuff one image at a time.

Oh Yatsude, your scene splits my dual monitors perfectly so.

Source: 「千の夜と百億の朝の国」/「ヤツデ」のイラスト [pixiv] via 「ヤツデ」 's Works – Illustration [pixiv] via the recommendations page that came up when I bookmarked Yukihiro Nakamura via One Morning Train

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