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Shirakaba – Chiptune Hell

Friday, January 30th, 2015 at 1:23 am | Image

Chiptune Hell is what I wish my room looked like. The desktop is filled with retro gaming gear I’d have to get at Warp Zone or Ohayocon’s dealer’s room. Is that a CRT TV with a built-in Super Famicom?

I’m trying a few new things with this post. Jetpack is now cross-posting to my rarely-used Twitter and Google+ as well as Facebook and the usual RSS feed. Even if none of those things reach you, you can now subscribe by email in the sidebar.

I’ve also introduced tags and tagged up all my previous posts Tumblr-style. If you want to see all the music posts, other posts that have too many links, my original content, or an RSS feed of just the pixiv posts, you can get that now.

The artist's web site links right to the full-size image, I guess it's probably OK if I do the same here. Wow, this post is so meta it hurts.

Source: via pixiv probably via from one of its tags

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