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Kevin Birrell – Ti Classic Grand Master

Friday, January 30th, 2015 at 11:00 am | Image | Video

Tetris the Grand Master 3 has the subtitle “Terror-Instinct”. KevinDDR has become the sixth player in the world and the first outside Japan to tame this beast and earn the rank of Grand Master in Classic Master mode. Only the best players who can get to and and beat the invisible credits roll consistently earn the right be tested for Grand Master rank, and Kevin pulled it off under pressure. Congratulations!

I really should have posted this one last night. Kevin's a friend, and I should have realized that his run was on YouTube and could have been blogged about. Sorry about that. Click for the full-size image.

Update: Replaced the unofficial AGDQ YouTube archive with the official one.

Sources:, Games Done Quick YouTube (was the unofficial YouTube archive), and Kawaiikochan Gaming No Korner

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