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RIP 1997-2014

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 at 6:00 pm | Stream | Video

UPDATE: I’m getting tired of these videos that don’t even stay online for four years. The original Vimeo video is private now, but somebody re-posted it to YouTube. Twitch got better and I stream there now.

In May 2009, I started a weekly video game stream on was just getting video game streams, but people also streamed videos and webcams and hosted communities with their own forums. It was great. Over the next couple years, they removed the communities and forums, shoved all the gaming streams into a buggy new site called Twitch, and left the rest of to rot in obscurity until it finally died today.

I still stream every Wednesday night at Instagib. It’s not 2009 but it’s the closest anybody has come since. We’ll miss you,

Source: Goodbye from via Sweetielise’s stream title today, “RIP you had a good run!” Also Vs. Super Mario Bros. World 7-4 – YouTube, recorded May 2009 on my channel.

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