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Jet Set Radio Live

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 at 4:00 pm | Audio

20 years ago, Jet Set Radio had us jamming to hyperactive DJ mixes as we fight the establishment and avoid getting beat up by police. The world really needs more right now, but with only one official sequel, new fans are carrying on the legacy. Jet Set Radio Live streams several Jet Set Radio-inspired radio mixes 24/7. Today is SiIvaGunner’s DJ Professor K Takeover featuring music from Hideki Naganuma and Sega games expertly mashed up with their usual memes. Stay safe out there.

Jonathan Landis (@hitstun) retweeted: ⚠️ THE @GiIvaSunner ‘DJ Professor K TAKEOVER 🔴 LIVE STREAM’ has BEGUN!!! You can visit to be redirected or visit it directly at… Enjoy yourselves & stay funky ya’ll!

Source: Jet Set Radio Live via its Twitter via Hideki Naganuma and SiIvaGunner and its wiki

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