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Columbus Police Tear Gas and Pepper Spray

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 at 11:11 pm | Video

UPDATE: I wanted to say something positive here, but it wasn’t true. Columbus Police continue to pepper spray peaceful protestors who block the streets, and the mayor allows it. They even stole a double amputee’s prosthetic legs and forced him to crawl on his hands to seek medical attention. The city demands answers.

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, downtown Columbus, Ohio saw several days of peaceful protests and unfortunately, some looting of small businesses. Mayor Ginther found it necessary to have a curfew for seven nights. Columbus police with nameless uniforms repeatedly used tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets indiscriminately against peaceful protestors, street medics, bystanders, news reporters, a veteran, government officials, and hippie circus performers.

But this is a blog about good things! I’m happy to report that the police were ordered to stop using tear gas and pepper spray on peaceful crowds. Now that we can walk the downtown streets in peace, we can discuss how to heal the racial divide. Columbus State has decided to take down their statue of Christopher Columbus. If the city of Columbus can do it, hopefully the rest can follow. Please continue to fight for racial justice. Black Lives Matter!

Source: T. Greg Doucette, WBNS 10TV, the Columbus Dispatch, WOSU, and the rest of the Internet, pretty much

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