The House of Hitstun

The Twitch Streaming Experience

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 2:00 pm | Stream | Video

For April Fools’ Day, I brought my weekly stream back to Twitch and did annoying things popular Twitch streamers do a lot. I played a mainstream game online, I had a webcam which covered up my money and ammo counts, I had a lot of useless crap taking up space on the screen, and I constantly begged for followers and donations. Even Moobot was spamming up my chat, which had the default cuss filter on despite the NSFW language onscreen. This all went horribly right, even with Twitch constantly buffering and crashing and Xbox Live dropping my connection several times.

Source: via Twitch, ideas from Bad Stream Layouts via Ragnorok64

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