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Susumu Hirasawa – Sign

Sunday, August 31st, 2014 at 1:10 pm | Audio | Video

Susumu Hirasawa is a master of massive thundering sound. He wrote this pounding opening theme for the Berserk game on PS2. I have no idea what’s going on in Berserk but this makes me want to watch some Satoshi Kon movies.

Source: Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō – Opening – YouTube via I dare you find a more awesome opening. – Anime, Art, Arcade Sticks and Vidya Gaems via [K]ayinworks via Trynant


Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 at 2:34 am | Image

Pixiv is basically the Japanese DeviantArt, full of talented artists I’d never have heard of otherwise. I picked up Udon’s Pixiv Almanac last year at PAX East and I craved more. I’m now subscribed to Pixiv Top Weekly – Top 50 which gives a good balance of quality and quantity. Other Pixiv feeds are available at PixivRss. If people like this post, I may do some more like this in the future.

You can click each image below to visit its posting on Pixiv. If you register an account there, you can download the full resolution image. Also, this is a good time to remind you that I write mouseover text for almost every image on this blog, which you can see whether you’re on my site or reading my RSS feed.

土曜日 by 嗨P
That sky is pretty! I use this as the wallpaper for my Grub menu to choose which OS to boot into. I think I was actually linked to this one by a Tumblr blog I followed, but I forget which one. Sorry.

花咲エコロジカ by 鶴亀@1日目H-45b
This is my current desktop wallpaper. I have a dual monitor setup, so it looks like Marisa is throwing a star bomb onto my left monitor. I actually got this one from a Tumblr I'm going to call F'Yeah Pixiv that sadly isn't updated anymore. It's one of the last things posted on that Tumblr.

オオカミずきん by 靈
I saw this today and got to thinking about the practicality of using a floating balloon as a fish bowl. If you had a large enough balloon filled with about 95% helium and 5% water and fish, it should float. There are further complications though: How would you feed the fish? How do you clean the fish bowl part? Would replacing air with helium have an adverse affect on the fish? Would the uneven pressure distribution break the balloon, dropping water and fish on whatever's underneath it at the time?

大正一〇三年・軍艦島 by 浅野
This reminds me of the Imperial Boy background art I posted here several months ago. So much detail! I'd make this my wallpaper but I can't crop it to 16:9 without losing lots of details.

E-can by ガしガし
Sorry, the animations on Pixiv aren't actually animated GIFs that you would download, but instead a series of PNGs animated in HTML5. You'll have to click through to Pixiv to see the animation. When Mega Man charges up a shot, he starts flashing, but everything else that's the same color as Mega Man flashes too.

Source: 「土曜日」/「嗨P」のイラスト [pixiv], 「花咲エコロジカ」/「鶴亀@1日目H-45b」のイラスト [pixiv], 「オオカミずきん」/「靈」のイラスト [pixiv], 「大正一〇三年・軍艦島」/「浅野」のイラスト [pixiv], and 「E缶」/「ガしガし」のイラスト [pixiv], mostly via Pixiv每周排行 – 前50

RIP 1997-2014

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 at 6:00 pm | Stream | Video

In May 2009, I started a weekly video game stream on was just getting video game streams, but people also streamed videos and webcams and hosted communities with their own forums. It was great. Over the next couple years, they removed the communities and forums, shoved all the gaming streams into a buggy new site called Twitch, and left the rest of to rot in obscurity until it finally died today.

I still stream every Wednesday night at Instagib. It’s not 2009 but it’s the closest anybody has come since. We’ll miss you,

Source: Goodbye from via Sweetielise’s stream title today, “RIP you had a good run!” Also Vs. Super Mario Bros. World 7-4 – YouTube, recorded May 2009 on my channel.

New Games From Columbus

Friday, July 11th, 2014 at 12:50 am | Game | Video

I’ve updated the Bakamo Studios site with a new post about three locally developed games that could use some hype right now. While you’re waiting for Evo 2014 Championship Series to start, why not watch these trailers?

Lemma – first-person parkour playground

Breaking Block – polished creative Arkanoid-like

Hatch-It! – cute ice physics puzzle

Source: Columbus Game Developer Spotlight » Bakamo Studios which sources Evan Todd, Smiling Cat Entertainment, and Multivarious Games

Challenger with Commentary

Friday, June 20th, 2014 at 5:55 pm | Image | Video

I like Instagib, but it’s a lot more difficult to get good stream highlights onto YouTube from there. This run of the 1985 Japanese-only Famicom game Challenger was so watchable and the chat was so random that I jumped through the technological hoops to get this posted for all.

Challenger is famous for its control scheme which is backwards compared to modern games. On the NES controller, you would press A to shoot and B to jump. I actually played this on a Power Joy by Trump Grand that I bought for $5 at CORGS-Con, but it has the A and B buttons reversed. It makes the Power Joy terrible for most games but perfect for Challenger.

The video below features Skype chat from myself, Jdetan, and Kinkaido, so of course it’s NSFW.

Wow, it's been a long time since I've had an actual image on this blog, right? Anyway, the top of the N64-ish controller actually has a pointy bit that functions as the Zapper. The trigger is where the N64's Z button would be. It doesn't work well.

Source: Challenger with Commentary – YouTube, which is edited from an .flv archive of my Instagib stream ( deletes archives after 24 hours), uploaded to YouTube, downloaded from YouTube as an .mp4, and finally edited in Pinnacle Studio 14 like my other videos. I really need to find a better way to do this. Also, the camera on my phone.

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