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Yuumei – Glass Instruments

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 at 11:11 pm | Image

I'm going to stop writing mouseover text for images. Tumblr doesn't support it, and it doesn't work right on mobile browsers. Sorry for anyone who's been waiting 11 months for the next mouseover text. Maybe I'll come up with another Easter egg to replace this.

Hi, blog! It’s been a couple months! I almost forgot how to do these posts. Yuumei, designer of the original Cat Ear headphones, painted some musical instruments made of glass. I wonder how they would sound. Crystal flutes exist, and I imagine string instruments would sound pretty normal too. When hitting a drum with water in it, the air and the water would make two different sounds at the same time. Then there’s the fish tank piano, which would take physical strength to play but make super deep, eerie tones. Underwater performances are possible!

Source: Yuumei via Pixiv several years ago

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