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Wave – Meowvel vs Catcom

Friday, August 26th, 2016 at 6:23 pm | Image

Today I present the cast of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 as cats from Chi’s Sweet Home. I actually met Wave last weekend at Matsuricon, and she was showing off plenty more cat parodies.

Ultimate Meowvel vs Catcom 3
The original only had the vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3 cast, then it got updated with the DLC characters and the new characters from Ultimate. The original was my wallpaper for a while in the dark ages before this blog.

Dear Catcom–err Capcom
After vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3, Wave did another one with characters she wanted to see added to the game. That's why the Strider Hiryu, Frank West, Phoenix Wright, and Doctor Strange cats are here too.

Commission – More Meowvels

Hyper Catinel Force
I kinda want to make this my avatar now.

Update: Meowvel vs Catcom Infurnite!
You came back! I realized while writing the PiNe post that my most recent artist post was this one, so I updated it in case anyone came back and looked. Since then, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite came out and Wave gave it the Meowvel treatment.

Source: Suzuran’s DeviantArt via Capcom Unity five years ago

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