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Friday, June 12th, 2015 at 4:30 pm | Video

The local arcades here recently got some exposure in the Columbus Dispatch. 16-Bit started a movement, and now a bunch of new arcades are popping up around town. Once I get to play at all of them, I’ll rank them in a fighting game tier list right here.

When Benjamin Morgan pitched his idea for an arcade to investors, the particulars of his upscale game plan didn’t quite click. “Their response was: ‘So, you’re opening a Chuck E. Cheese?’?” said Morgan, 29. Not exactly. His Old North Arcade is an adults-only hangout north of Ohio State University stocked with 30 vintage titles and 20 craft-beer taps. The venue targets nerd-chic enthusiasts of both Missile Command and microbrews. Call it Arcade 2.0.

In other local news, Columbus Retro League’s Chris Bidwell is playing in the Nintendo World Championships 2015 in Los Angeles. Watch him beat down a bunch of YouTubers this Sunday.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch via Arcade Super Awesome, and Nintendo of America’s Twitter via Chris Bidwell

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