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Skeleton Hunter

Monday, January 12th, 2015 at 1:00 am | Game | Image

I made another game! For VOGJam 1 the theme was “A Buggy Game,” so I made Skeleton Hunter, a broken little 2D platform game in HTML5. You are the hunter from Skeleton’s Revenge going around defeating skeletons and the necromancer that keeps summoning them. Jump backwards through walls, wrap around the screen, undo deaths by pressing Pause, and utterly pick apart the game. I hope this makes it into Awful Games Done Quick someday.

Google Chrome has gamepad support and is the recommended browser for playing this game. UPDATE: v1.02 has support for gamepads in Firefox and key config for all platforms.

Play at Bakamo Studios
Play v1.02 with key config at Bakamo Studios
Play at VOG Network

Yes, there is a way to reach the title screen with the hunter. Try escaping boss rooms.

Because I didn't have time to make a controller configuration menu, I basically just allowed for every control scheme at once. Even gamepads are supported if you're using Google Chrome.

If you do a jump attack facing away from the wall, you can get inside the wall. I knew from the moment the theme was announced that I wanted to do a game with bad collision detection.

The skeleton wasn't even implemented until two days before the deadline. It turned out alright, though.

Holy crap, what happened here? Did that guy walk off the title screen to the right? You broke my game! How could you?

Source: made from scratch in HTML5 and Javascript using Notepad++, Tiled, GIMP, FamiTracker, Bfxr, and Audacity.

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