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PAX East 2014 trip and Twitter

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 at 11:30 pm | Image

I’m on my way to PAX East 2014 with a three of my friends, about to ride the Metal Gear Line to Boston. The 19-hour train ride each way is basically a mini-convention full of gamers that are also going to PAX East. I’ll be using my normally-inactive Twitter to arrange meet-ups with friends, and I’ll be keeping tabs on Facebook and #pax IRC too. For those of you that are headed to PAX East, let’s meet up and play some games! If you’re not going to PAX East, why not? It’s 60,000 people meeting up and playing games. What’s not to like? I’ll post some pictures at the end.

I was going to post the Geeknights PAX East 2012 highlight video here, but the video's thumbnail includes the pony on one of their badges. I'm trying to avoid ponies, but with Kinkaido and the other bronies from my stream here, I probably won't be able to hold them off for long.

We're picking it up at Bryan on the northwest corner of Ohio.  I probably won't be able to dodge ponies there either.

Source: PAX East 2014 and PAX Community Wiki

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