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Oregon Trail and the Sewn-Together Ox

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 at 3:35 am | Stream | Video

Oh boy, sometimes my stream is comedy gold. When I play Oregon Trail, I have a rule to always ford every river. Even when we reach the 20 foot deep Green River, I must attempt to drive the wagon right across the bottom, drowning all the oxen. This degenerated into my Skype chatters Jdetan, Kinkaido, and Seriouscacodemon making up a story about the wagon leader trying to cobble together a single ox and get moving again.

I should probably say here that my streams contain NSFW language. You know, because we’re horrible people on the Internet.

The other thing we keep quoting, "ford the fing eiver," was a typo from old stream regular Acemage123. That typo stuck around years longer than the chatter.

Source: Oregon Trail and the Sewn-Together Ox – YouTube, which is an upload from a highlight. Also Nickster123’s Flickr.

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