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Hitstun and DALL·E 2 – Me Playing Chess in No Game No Life

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022 at 7:30 pm | Image

I tried to make a model of myself based on the closest celebrity lookalike I know, Ashton Kutcher, and adjusting it so it looks kinda like me in non-realistic styles. Dalle2Anime on Twitter gave me great tips for key words and including an artist name. I’ve had previous success in 2-step uncropping to make good-looking faces and I went with that approach again.

I originally wanted my character floating in the air because it’s me and I think Floating Is Fun, DALL·E 2 kept ignoring parts of my prompts, and it would always crop part of the character’s head out of the top of the image. After a lot of trial and error that cost too much money, I came to grips with DALL·E 2’s limitations on details. I settled for a chess game which makes sense in No Game No Life context anyway.

Here’s an earlier attempt in Tales of Vesperia style.

Source: DALL·E 2 using initial prompt and uncrop prompt

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