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Grant Kirkhope – Donkey Kong 64 Soundtrack

Monday, August 17th, 2020 at 11:31 am | Audio

30-Day Video Game Music Challenge (Bonus Stage)
Day 31: All 30 prompts with one game
From Donkey Kong 64 (N64, 1999)

Jiko points out that DK64 has a song for everything on this list. That’s a lot of music! DK64 is fun to play and fun to break.

1: Title screen music: Main Menu
2: Opening level music: DK’s Treehouse
3: 8-Bit music: Donkey Kong
4: Music from a console exclusive series: Hideout Helm
5: Hub world or overworld music: DK Isle
6: Music that makes you feel relaxed: Crystal Caves
7: Music from an indie game?: Mine Cart Carnage
8: Music from a shooter (first or third person): Angry Aztec Underground
9: Music from a licensed game: uh…the N64 Logo?
10: RPG battle music: Dogadon
11: Puzzle game music: Frantic Factory R&D
12: Music that makes you sad: Wrinkly Kong
13: Music you like from a game you don’t like: Bonus Barrel
14: Music featuring vocals: DK Rap
15: Boss battle music: King Kut-Out
16: 16-Bit music: Jungle Japes
17: Music you never get tired of: Enguarde
18: Music in a game released the year you were born: off by 1 but Jetpac
19: Cover of music by a different artist: Jungle Japes Underground
20: Music from a racing game: Frantic Factory Car Race
21: Music you associate with frustration: Angry Aztec Race
22: Town/village music: Fungi Forest Day
23: Underrated music: Mad Maze Maul
24: Music you constantly have stuck in your head: Snide’s HQ
25: Music that gets you pumped: Rocket Barrel Blast
26: Music you like from a game you haven’t played: Monkey Smash
27: Music from a handheld game: uh…Mini Monkey?
28: Music that makes you nostalgic: Pause Menu
29: Final boss music: K. Rool Duel
30: Credits music: Staff Credits

Source: YouTube, challenge by OverClocked ReMix I think?, via NintendoCapriSun

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