The House of Hitstun


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 at 5:00 am | Image

When I’m browsing around pixiv and something that jumps out at me with its colors and style, it usually belongs to Fuzichoco. She comes up time and time again on pixiv’s staff picks blog pixiv Spotlight with her modern take on traditional Japanese themes. She even made the box art for her favorite drawing program, openCanvas 6, and she has an online store.

Fuzichoco requests not to republish her work, so this pixiv link is all you're getting from me. She has plenty of really great work, so please click all the links and look around. It was tough narrowing it down to just one.

Source: 千本桜-夜ニ紛レ / 藤原 (also available here) and via Pixiv Almanac and many, many pixiv recommendations pages

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