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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 at 2:00 am | Image

It’s hard to keep up with people who post a lot. This maniac, DemizuPosuka, posts something new to pixiv three times a week. Each one looks like the cover of an indie comic book. I have no idea what most of these are called, even with Google Translate’s help.

Update: Whoa, Columbus’s resident Dr. Mario prodigy Katie provided translations in the Facebook comments. I didn’t expect that! Thank you!

Pretty sure I heard it’s around here somewhere… (確かこのあたりと聞いたけれども)
I love it when stuff messes with gravity. Reverse gravity is fantasy enough that you'll never see it in real life, but simple enough that you can understand how things interact with it. Patema Inverted plays with reverse gravity non-stop. You should watch it.

Necessary evil and unnecessary conscience (必要悪といらない良心)
There's big cars, and then there's big enough to crush buildings and take a direct hit from the moon. NASA has that one colossal truck that carries rockets from the hangar to the launchpad. I think that's as close as we get.

What? We eating pumpkin again?! (「えっまたカボチャ食べるの」)Here's a good desktop wallpaper. Animals and monsters, just chillin' and eating dinner. I'm cool with this. If this was a Mystery Dungeon game, that witch girl would have just picked a fight with the entire room.

10pm at an old book shop (古書店の午後十時)
Never under-estimate a pop-up book. Ashens reviewed one called Inside the Personal Computer that has a full desktop PC with a couple moving parts. I'd link to that video, but a link's title text can't have its own links. That would break the Internet.

Goodbye world (さよなら世界)
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? Sometimes things don't end well for DemizuPosuka's subjects. At least this one isn't about to be eaten by a monster.

Source: DemizuPosuka via PixivRss several times, translations from Katie on Facebook

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