Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Random Team Generator 2.2b

This is a work in progress replacement for the old team generator which has been taken offline.
Click the first box to turn off a character. Click any of the three following boxes to turn off a specific assist type.
If all assist types are turned off for a character, a random assist will be given anyway.
Variety Mode is now in Beta! Variety Mode will put more variety in the character selection. Please note that variety mode is not true randomization.
Allowing duplicates in Variety Mode will have no effect.
Allow Duplicates Variety Modebeta!

Shuma-Gorath α β γ
Blackheart α β γ Iron Man α β γ Silver Samurai α β γ
Cable α β γ Juggernaut α β γ Spider-Man α β γ
Captain America α β γ Magneto α β γ Spiral α β γ
Colossus α β γ Marrow α β γ Storm α β γ
Cyclops α β γ Omega Red α β γ Thanos α β γ
Doctor Doom α β γ Psylocke α β γ Venom α β γ
Gambit α β γ Rogue α β γ War Machine α β γ
Hulk α β γ Sabretooth α β γ Wolverine α β γ
Iceman α β γ Sentinel α β γ Wolverine (Bone) α β γ
Morrigan α β γ
Akuma α β γ Dhalsim α β γ Roll α β γ
Amingo α β γ Felicia α β γ Ruby Heart α β γ
Anakaris α β γ Guile α β γ Ryu α β γ
B.B. Hood α β γ Hayato α β γ Sakura α β γ
Cammy α β γ Jill α β γ Servbot α β γ
Captain Commando α β γ Jin α β γ Sonson α β γ
Charlie α β γ Ken α β γ Strider Hiryu α β γ
Chun-Li α β γ M. Bison α β γ T. Bonne α β γ
Dan α β γ Megaman α β γ Zangief α β γ

Click the following buttons to remove specific character sets.
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